Motor matic injeksi irit harga murah cocok juga buat celeb

Motor matic injeksi irit harga murah cocok juga buat celeb

Motor matic injeksi irit harga murah behind the beauty and beautiful sound, Rossa shows the masculine side through his personal vehicle. Singer Verses of Love chose Jeep Grand Cherokee as the flagship vehicle.

"It seems cool, women rarely use a car like this. In addition the model is good, really good car when used," said the singer with the full name of Sri Rossa Roslaina Handayani to Okezone recently.

The choice of the Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) from the United States also supported the baby, Rizky Heaven Ramadan. "My son is a fan of Jeep car, he had a collection. Pas I bought it was she was happy," said a woman born in Sumedang, October 9, 1978 it.

FISIP graduated from the University of Indonesia will not claim to modify this tough SUV. According to him, other than the Grand Cherokee has an attractive design also features a capable audio system, so he felt no need to modify Motor matic injeksi irit harga murah - Yamaha Sport 250cc

"I'm not the type who likes to modify cars, I prefer the standard type. For audio I think it's very good. Originally it was cool, so would diapain again," he said.

Furthermore, Rossa planning to journey far to test the resilience of the new car she bought recently. "Certainly out of town, but do not know where. Still planned, because it is still busy promo new album," he concluded. this content about Motor matic injeksi irit harga murah


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